Tom Nook from animal crossing new horizons.

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Tom Nook from animal crossing new horizons.

Tom Nook

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Origin: Animal Crossing
Year: 2001
Type: Character

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Tom Nook is a character from the video game series Animal Crossing. First appearing in 2001 with Animal Forest, Nook is depicted as a tanuki or Japanese raccoon dog with a multitude of outfits depending on the game. As a prominent character in the Animal Crossing series, Nook has appeared in numerous memes, fan art depictions and other online media since he was introduced.


Tom Nook has been a recurring character in the games since the first title, Animal Forest, released in Japan on April 14th, 2001, for the Nintendo 64.[1] Nook typically appears not long after starting the game in the first Animal Crossing titles. After you place your house, he often has you pay back the house on loan by working for him through doing various odd jobs around the town. Afterward, he lets you off to make bells in your own ways. This loan is usually the main goal of the game, so it is meant to be a staggering amount (shown below).

50,216 Tom Nook Your loan will come to a total of 348,000 Bells. This is perfectly acceptable, yes? Animal Crossing: New Horizons Animal Crossing: New Leaf Animal Crossing: Wild World Animal Crossing: City Folk World Biome Screenshot Natural foods Font

In later installments, such as New Leaf, he has his apprentices Tommy & Timmy (also tanukis) run the shop while he handles the housing business "Nook's Homes" entirely (shown below). In Happy Home Designer, players work for him at Nook's Homes designing homes and various buildings for villagers to live and work in.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Green Cartoon Textile Orange Organism Toy Fawn Grass Art Recreation Fun Owl


In the game lore, Tom Nook originally lived in a small town and eventually decided to move to the city in search of better opportunities. Unfortunately, Tom's life in the city was not kind to him, and was forced to move back to his small town in which he set up his shop "Nook's Cranny." He had a close relationship with Sable Able and even sent her a pair of scissors as a birthday gift, but that relationship started to break down after his return from the city. This is explored in a lore video uploaded to YouTube by the channel Krisselia[2], uploaded on July 7th, 2020, which earned 235,000 views in two years (shown below).

Online Presence

Fan Reception

Fan reception to Tom Nook has always been mixed. There are some who view Tom Nook as a Jeff Bezos style mogul, who forces you into an ever-increasing loan while demanding you pay it off by working for him or else, as seen in screenshots from earlier Animal Crossing titles (shown below).

Tom Nook If you can pay off about 1,000 Bells a week, that'lI work for me. Otherwise, I'lI send for the raccoon goons! Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tom Nook Font World Screenshot

However, Tom Nook has had a shift in tone and disposition over time, with the expanded parts of his backstory helping to fill in the gaps and letting people see that Tom Nook is always trying to help the player to be responsible. This stark contrast in viewpoints was exemplified in the meme posted to the AnimalCrossing fandom page[3] by CakeTheGreat on September 9th, 2020 (shown below).

How most see Tom Nook: What he's actually like: Prolfesional tanooki noises Tgive money to charities Helto am nook PAY OFF YOUR PREAKING LOAN I will help you build house D GIVE ME MORE MONEY ppy vacation! Pay for house wheneer you want to no presure or ren Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tom Nook Cartoon Toy Organism Font

Fan Art

Being a mainstay character of a popular game for over two decades, Tom Nook has over 2,030 tagged images on E621, 4,700 results on DeviantArt and 1,500 on Rule 34. Tom Nook fan art often is the same theme as the general sentiment surrounding him, which can be him as a brutal tyrant. This can be seen in the fan comic written by bobipineman (shown below).

Defeat Tom Nook

Defeat Tom Nook is a catchphrase about the impossible task of defeating the Animal Crossing raccoon vendor character Tom Nook. The phrase stems from an email one Twitter user received from a professor in April 2020 in which the professor hopes their students have all "defeated Tom Nook" later admitting that the professor had never played it. The phrase circulated on Twitter parodying the impossible scenario of defeating the shopkeeper character.

molly' • shooters for beau @jiminfraldarius aight someone teach me how to defeat tom nook bc i cant take this anymore MEAL Tom Nook All told, we'll be looking at a grand total of 2,498,000 Bells. Are you still interested? 12:37 PM · Apr 15, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone Animal Crossing: New Horizons Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise Product Organism Font Screenshot

Tom Nook At A Desk

Tom Nook At A Desk refers to a series of photoshopped images and jokes based on several screenshots of video game character Tom Nook from the Nintendo Direct announcement of Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch.

If Tom Nook isn't "Single in your Late 20s just got home from a Corporate 9-5 and have money but are too exhausted to do anything besides scroll through social media" energy then I don't know what is.. Animal Crossing: New Leaf Tom Nook Super Smash Bros. Ultimate text technology photo caption


Nookazon refers to a fan-made site in which people can buy and sell items and characters from Animal Crossing: New Horizons to others using the game's in-game currency, Bells. The name is a portmanteau between Tom Nook and Amazon.

00 duck omen @yeahbumbleby on nookazon this is sending me. diva so bad people are basically GIVING HER AWAY 1X Diva 1X Diva 1X Diva Text Purple Blue Line Font

Search Interest

External References

[1] Wikipedia – Animal Crossing

[2] YouTube – Tom Nook Lore

[3] Fandom – CakeTheGreat

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