Images of rapper TwistyP with a before and after shot.

TwistyP Person

Images of rapper TwistyP with a before and after shot.


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Origin: Instagram
Year: 2021

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TwistyP, also spelled Twisty P, is a Soundcloud rapper and Instagram personality most known for his music going viral on TikTok and his devotion to the rapper Yeat. Multiple sounds were created on TikTok using his unhinged Instagram Live rants that started in late-2021. He became notable across both platforms and on Twitter going into early 2022 regarding concerns about his mental health.

Online History

TwistyP started posting online to his Instagram[1] account in mid-2021. However, he has since deleted all of his posts except for one,[2] which is a carousel post including videos of him playing baseball. These videos, posted on January 6th, 2022, allude to what TwistyP was doing before he went viral — playing baseball at a semi-professional level. According to a YouTube [3] video posted by YouTuber Curriy on January 1st, 2022, Twisty's high school sports career was highly decorated. The video (shown below) goes in-depth about who he was before he got a face tattoo and started rapping. It received roughly 69,100 views and 3,000 likes over the course of 10 days.

As stated in the video above, TwistyP reportedly developed a substance abuse problem with multiple opioids. Alongside this development, he also became engrossed with the rapper Yeat, who became notable on TikTok in June 2021 for his songs "Sorry Bout That" and "Gët Busy."

TwistyP started posting content to TikTok[4] in August 2021, uploading his first video[5] on the 31st. It should be noted, however, that his current TikTok account is a "Part 2" account, alluding to a "Part 1" that has since been deactivated. In his first video (shown below), Twisty used a Yeat sound. His face tattoo is also visible above his left eyebrow, which reads "Twizzy" in reference to Yeat. The video received roughly 70,000 views and 3,400 likes over the course of four months. TikTokers in the comment section of the video posted comments like, "before disaster struck," in December 2021, and, "he made his way to the tok," in August 2021, in reference to his move from Instagram.

On December 27th, 2021, Redditor DJBRO_Y_2K posted a question in the /r/TwistyP[6] subreddit (which was created on the same day). The question asked was, "Who actually is twistyp??" The post received 10 upvotes over two weeks. In the comment section, Redditor codeinecommando replied with an answer (shown below), referencing Twisty as a "yeat super fan" and that he got famous because "he got posted by yeat which blew him up." However, this repost from Yeat, most likely to his Instagram Story, is no longer accessible.

codeinecommando · 14 days ago Been following twisty for a minute now before yeat blew up. Twisty essentially a yeat super fan. He got popular cause of his tat and face tat which he got cause of YEAT. He'd be on live geeked out his mind or sum in public singing yeat songs and shit O O got posted by yeat which blew him up. FastFoward few months and He eventually linked up with Не kankan Hakeem, candy paint etc at Kans first show in Dallas. None of them let twisty in their cars and that was the beginning of the end. Bro been off the rails ever since Reply Give Award Share Report Save A Tip Follow Kingoo321 · 12 days ago Bro what the face tat say i cant read that s Reply Give Award Share Report Save A Tip Follow codeinecommando · 12 days ago Twizzy I think Reply Give Award Share Report Save A Tip Follow Font

In October 2021, Twisty started meeting legitimate rap artists due to his viral fame. On October 1st, for example, he posted a TikTok[7] (shown below, left) with rapper yvngchris that received roughly 103,100 plays and 12,500 likes over the course of two months. On October 12th, he posted a TikTok[8] (shown below, right) where he supposedly "daps up yeat." The video received roughly 143,700 plays 17,700 likes, also over the course of two months.

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TwistyP "Tweaking" On Instagram Live

Going into December 2021, TwistyP appeared to become increasingly unhinged online in the eyes of many due to his expanding ego and a resurgence in his drug use. This came to a climax on December 10th, 2021, when he went live on his Instagram while walking around downtown San Diego. A screen-recording of the Live was uploaded to YouTube[9] by YouTuber Trout on December 11th, 2021. In the video (shown below) Twisty is allegedly high on Percs and is singing the Yeat song "dub."[10] The most notable snippet from the video is when Twisty shouts the lyrics, "(Hey, hey) Where the problem at? / I'm spinning off these Percs like I'm a laundromat." The YouTube video received roughly 108,600 views and 4,800 likes over the course of one month.

On December 30th, 2021, TikToker[11] ilycxris posted a video (shown below) that created a sound using Twisty's Instagram Live, essentially filling in Twisty's singing over Yeat's. The TikTok received roughly 1.9 million plays and 266,300 likes over the course of 12 days. TikTokers continued to post videos using the sound going into January 2022, whereby on January 11th, 2022, the sound[12] gained roughly 20,800 videos using it.

Beef With Rapper Iayze

On December 24th, 2021, TwistyP recorded and released a diss track against rapper Iayze. The first known upload of the audio online was posted by Soundcloud[13] user uninspired₆⁶₆ (shown below). Over the course of 17 days, the track received roughly 9,400 plays.

In response to the diss track, Iayze allegedly had some of his friends jump TwistyP when they found out he was in Houston, Texas later that month. The entire event was documented on Instagram Live, where TwistyP was seemingly robbed of his money and subsequently ran away. A screen-recording of the Instagram Live was uploaded to YouTube[14] on December 29th, 2021, by YouTuber Clancy (shown below). Over the course of 12 days, the video gained roughly 49,100 views.

TikTok Notoriety

Going into January 2022, TwistyP received a lot of attention for the aforementioned highlights and viral posts. He started to snowball his virality with provocative TikToks that began to receive over a million plays. For instance, he posted a TikTok[15] on December 27th, 2021, where he stated, "daily reminder to drink your celery juice," that received roughly 1.5 million plays in two weeks (shown below, left). He posted another TikTok[16] the next day that received roughly 1 million plays in a similar timeframe (shown below, right). For this second one, the text overlay read, "trump2024."

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