Oh Golly Oh Gosh This Is About To Be An Immaculate Dinner TikTok trend depicting sad images of food from various tiktokers.

Oh Golly Oh Gosh This Is About To Be An Immaculate Dinner

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Oh Golly Oh Gosh This Is About To Be An Immaculate Dinner refers to a TikTok trend involving ironically terrible dinners similar to the "shitty food porn" trend and Bone Apple Tea meme. TikTokers in these videos typically showcase meals that consist of barely anything, oftentimes one M&M or an almost finished bottle of soda. The trend started in early 2022.


On January 2nd, 2022, TikToker[1] skylarburneyy posted a video (shown below) where he sits down in front of his breakfast on the countertop. The breakfast is just two already eaten waffles with a side of Fruity Pebbles syrup. The TikTok received roughly 8.1 million plays and 1.2 million likes over the course of nine days.

oh gee oh boy this is about to be a good breakfast


The TikTok from user skylarburneyy in early January 2022, however, didn't receive much attention until he uploaded a follow-up TikTok[2] on January 5th (shown below). In the video, skylarburneyy sits down in front of his dinner, which he claims is "immaculate." In reality, it's just crumbs of a rice cake and a couple of sips of Hawaiian Punch. Over the course of six days, the clip received roughly 12.4 million plays and 2.1 million likes.

oh golly oh gosh this is about to be an immaculate dinner

Going into the rest of January 2022, TikTokers exploited the sounds in the above videos. The first to do so was TikToker[3] markismeh on January 6th, whose video (shown below, left) used the audio from the "breakfast" TikTok. Their video received roughly 4.4 million plays and 666,700 likes over the course of five days.

Another TikToker[4] named anime_lover96024 also posted a video on January 6th, 2022, that added to the trend (shown below, right). Their video used the "immaculate dinner" audio and it received roughly 1.9 million plays and 258,600 likes, also over five days. Both aforementioned TikToks showcased dismal meals.

TikTokers started to use the sounds outside of a "food context" starting on January 6th. For example, TikToker[5] otl_grayson was the first to do so, posting his video (shown below, left) featuring a joke about building a car. The video received roughly 139,300 plays and 15,700 likes over the course of five days. More notable TikTokers and internet personalities, like YouTuber Anthony Fantano, joined the trend as well. He posted his TikTok[6] on January 10th (shown below, right), receiving roughly 420,800 plays and 66,200 likes in less than 24 hours.

Overall, most TikTokers adding to the trend showcased dismal meals with not much substance, sticking to the ironic nature of the original TikToks. However, the videos became increasingly absurd, with TikTokers doing more outrageous things like sticking food to the ceiling and putting Oreos between their toes.

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