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Kodak Black Florida Panthers Lap Dance

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Kodak Black Florida Panthers Lap Dance refers to the viral moment on January 11th in which Kodak Black the iconic Florida rapper received a lap dance at a Florida Panthers NHL Hockey home game. Due to the location of the lap dance, his posture during it, and the fan video that recorded it, many memes and references to Kodak were made following the game.


On January 11th, 2021, the Florida Panthers hosted the Vancouver Canucks at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida. Kodak Black made an appearance at the game, sitting rink-side with his female companion, amongst the crowd of happy Hockey fans (shown below).

National Hockey League Face Shirt Hat Cap T-shirt Baseball cap People Fan

The official NHL Twitter account took notice of the celebrity, and tweeted out a direct tag, sayin 'oh, hey there' and earning 1.7k likes in 40 minutes (shown below).

Deleted? What happened? Did Kodak Black not enjoy himself? NHLO @NHL NHL Oh, hey there @KodakBlack1k! 9:09 PM · 1/11/22 · Sprinklr 216 Retweets 186 Quote Tweets 1,202 Likes This Tweet has been deleted. Outerwear Photograph Smile Human Hat Font Gadget Screenshot Communication Device People Technology Baseball cap Electronic device Multimedia

While being entertaining with the crowd, Kodak's pants fell down completely, revealing the long johns he had underneath. This was caught and uploaded to TikTok[1] by the user ericagbabyxo, gaining 213k views and 15k likes in seven hours (shown below).

During the game, Kodak and his female companion left their seats and proceeded up to the box suites, which are reserved for VIPs, and found themselves in the box suite directly next to the Florida Panthers owner Vincent J. Viola, where Kodak proceeded to receive a lap dance. The lap dance was caught on camera from a fan across the arena, which when zoomed in appeared to show a different action taking place. The video was Tweeted[2] out by the user @David954FLA, who gained 43.5k likes and 6.5M views in 15 hours (shown below).

In order to quickly dispel the rumors and thoughts of what was going on, Twitter user @bmoe_careful tweeted[3] out a video of the lap dance from a different angle, clearly showing that no contact other than a lap dance was taking place, earning 4.4k likes and 1.2M views in 12 hours (shown below).

Online Reactions

Online reactions were swift, as the majority of people online believed that Kodak had indeed engaged in sexual relations with that woman. There was approximately a six hour time gap between the first video and second video being posted, giving people a wide window of time to jump to conclusions and make memes based off them, which they did. Twitter user @H4Flames tweeted[4] out a wrestling video, captioning it 'Kodak Black watching Hockey like' and earning 5.2k likes and 307k views in 14 hours (shown below).

The Twitter user @tuthill_travis tweeted[5] out a picture of George Bush when he learned of 9/11 while reading a book to a elementary classroom, except changing the news to be about Kodak Black, earning 550 likes in 12 hours (shown below)

Mr. President, Kodak Black is fucking at the Florida Panthers game READING MAKGS CaNRY GRT! George W. Bush Forehead Shirt Photograph Product Organ Tie Coat Gesture Dress shirt Suit Adaptation Blazer Font Technology Formal wear

Twitter user @EvanMarinofsky tweeted a video[6] of George Costanza from Seinfeld as a video defense of Kodak Black, pretending like he didn't know that he wasn't allowed to do those types of actions inside a box suite, earning 1.5k likes in 15 hours (shown below).

Various Reactions

gabi @geeksgrl the people that were vibing to the music underneath kodak black when they finally see the video: Organism Gesture Happy Font Terrestrial animal Adaptation "oh wow, kodak black is at the florida panthers game that's so cool-" Forehead Nose Smile Photograph Facial expression Product Human Jaw Organism Ear Sharing Happy Adaptation Rectangle Kodak Black when he asks the Ravens about getting a suite next season The Four: Battle for Stardom Nose Hair Jaw Beard Eyelash Organism Gesture Happy Animal product the fans below kodak not knowing what's going on above them 48:11 KÖLN 0-2 M'GLADBACH Product Tie Output device Font Suit Rectangle Technology Television program Electronic device Kodak Black watching the Panthers' 4th line: BB&TCENTER PANTHERS/MSNI Jbe You know, l'm something of a grinder myself FLA Live Arena Sports uniform Field house Sports jersey World Fan Tie Player Gesture Jersey Ball game Super bowl Suit Display device Competition event Team sport Sports Tournament Graham Hall @GrahamHall_ · 9h no longer my favorite Kodak video ... Graham Hall O @GrahamHall_ · Nov 24, 2018 #Gators celebrate with @KodakBlackik after Donovan Stiner's INT KODAK 0:11 1.4M views 27 9 139 Facial expression White Product Human Sleeve Gesture Font Jersey Screenshot T-shirt Sports uniform Adaptation Baseball cap Technology

Search Interest

External Refrences

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[2] Twitter – David954FLA

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[6] Twitter – Kodak Seinfeld

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