install nodemon dev

You can also install nodemon as a development dependency:Package.json all you need to do is run this command to start the server in the development mode.

How to install nodemon as a development dependency that would not be used in production.But if you install nodemon globally then it'll be installed on your system path globally.Like most npm modules, nodemon can be installed in two ways as follows:

Detects default file extension to monitor.How pass node opcions to nodemon.

Default support for node but easy to run any executable, such as python, ruby, make, etc.Rezvitsky consistently posts content that violates dev community's code of conduct because it is harassing, offensive or spammy.

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Node.js debugging in VS Code - For example, to add node internals to your skipFiles . If you are unable to use any of the Remote Development extensions to debug your Node.js program, below is a guide on how to debug a remote Node .

install nodemon dev
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